We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.

the beginning...

It all started about 14 years ago... at first only a dream... to create a great little restaurant... My wife (Martha) and I bought a little drive thru BBQ joint. We opened and called it Willies BBQ. Sales were slow and we slowly started adding to the menu to gather more customers. It has since morphed into WILLIE'S BURGER & CHICKEN SHACK... Serving Fresh Breaded Jumbo Chicken Tenders and Plates and a wide selection of Premium Burgers.  We also serve BBQ Sandwiches and Plates.. Quite a large menu and its always evolving.


Now what can be better than eating at Willie's and being a fan. Why not own your very own Willie's location. To get information click on the Licensing Opportunity button on the right. Any questions, call Willie.

‚ÄčLove from the Willie Crew..!!